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Thursday, June 9, 2016

We are your digital console rental head quarters.  Yamaha Digital including the QL5, M7CL and LS9 with a O1V to allowing inputs from an iPod to 48 microphones and 16 monitor mixes - you are covered with our Yamaha product line.

If you are trying to drop a desk into an existing house system that has copper running to the mix position, the Yamaha desks are a great solution.  These desks all have local inputs and outputs - plug them into the house snake, power up and start your event.

DigiCo SD9

SD9 with its 48 flexi-channels, 24 Flexi-auxiliaries / sub-groups and busses with Left/Right and Left - Centre - Right master bus can pull off most any input list you can be presented.  This desk also boasts huge processing with a very small and manageable foot print.  A few of the features this desk offers are:  2 Solo Busses, 8 Dynamic Equalizers, 8 DiGiTubes, 8 Multiband Compressors, 8 Digital Effects, 16 Graphic Equalizers, Optional Waves Integration, 48/96kHz sampling rate

This desk can be combined with a digital snake head which is currently configured as 32 inputs and eight returns through a digital snake cable.  No more 150 pin multi-connectors with the potential of a bent of broken pin while connecting or disconnecting. Crew loves the digital snake cable option as will any venue due to the ease of going over door ways and along walls.  Think of the same cable from wall jack to your computer network connection.  That is the same size of a Digico digital snake.

Avid SC48 Remote

If you need ProTools for your live show, or want to record to ProTools, we have the Avid SC48 remote also.  This is and amazing package and with all the inputs on stage being fed by another digital snake, no mess - no fess - just great sound.

Sound craft Expression Si2

We also have the Soundcraft Expression Si 2 series console with several input options if you are not going to use the 24 local I/O on the desk.  We can get you packaged up with a 32x16 stage head, or a 18x8 mini-stage box also.  These will be connected with a pair of digital ethernet cables.  So slick, how can we ever look at copper again.

You want to bring the fun back into the event, not the pain of load in and outs?

We are your digital audio console hook up guys.  Here for you now.

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