Year in Review and Looking Forward

Friday, December 30, 2011
There’s no limit on what can be accomplished when you put your mind to it.  There is no time for regrets. There is no value in focusing on the past or missed opportunities. There is greater value in refocusing on the strengths, victories and miles safely travelled.  This year has been a challenge and not all have survived.  Some will move forward with more strength and wisdom. This year we remember those who lost battles and went on to their eternal resting place far before their due time.  This year we remember the shows and events that were successful due to hard work and dedication. NPG Inc. was started by building and dreaming somebody else’s dream, then I opted to build it for myself to share with others.  I have no regrets.  There have been missed opportunities and there have been rewards without expectations. I have so much to be pleased about and I have so much to give thanks for.  There have been times I thought I was headed into a season of drought and I was worried about what I couldn’t control, not what was first-hand knowledge.  I had to quash the ‘stinking thinking’.  Now in my mind there is no doubt that I will win by knock-out, taking each victory and the lessons learned, practicing these methods and procedures, and allowing depth and growth, as perfection is sought after through these final days of 2011 and into the next year and the years to come. This is what Nero Productions Group Incorporated wishes to continue to pursue with every rental, every production, and for each and every friend of ours, and every new client that our growing business attracts.

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