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Monday, January 11, 2016

A sour note of reality was shared with me this morning.  A note that I could build on, I could just sustain and be stuck on, or a note that would allow me to transform that single note into a symphonic melodic expression.
Congratulations and thanks are often shared after the curtain closes, the lights fade to black, the amps cool down and the audience has departed.  This time the departure is a final one. David Bowie will not be coming back, despite us all asking for an encore.  His creative mind and artistic eye saw performance aspects in a way foreign to many of us at that point. When Bowie stepped on stage, he brought life to venues that may not have been done in the past, or to the same level since. It is with great respect I say thank you to David Bowie for his ability to encourage, move forward and inspire technicians and crew to do their best, and see the reward of team work exposed during his performance combined through their work.  I never got the chance to thank him in person.  I’m hoping his family, friends, and music lovers are encouraged by this now.

While I am taking this opportunity to share the human side of NPG Inc and the owner, I would like to say thanks to a living legend. Michael Sweet to some might be unknown or forgotten but rarely a week goes by where a Striper t-shirt, tune lyric is not given time in my life.  Michael, thank you for being approachable, honest and a real human being.  When you share you heart, your mind – it is not always what all want to hear, but it is typically consistent with the Word of the Lord.  Thank you for being a voice in the wilderness, a voice in the cities, a voice on the hiways and byways – and a voice in my life keeping me on the One Way route to heaven.  Your words and tunes are appreciated.  Thank You

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