Steve Ritchie

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Steve Ritchie
Being raised in Owen Sound, Ontario, Steve grew up submerged in music. He took piano lessons, sang in church and school choirs and played double bass in the high school orchestra.
Steve moved to Toronto in 1981 apprenticing as a recording engineer in a studio. This provided a great deal of exposure to the world of recording, arranging and production of music.
He moved to Peterborough in 1988 to join a group called Tanglewood. He referred to this as a calling for him. Tanglewood is an iconic folk/roots powerhouse band. The next 21 years were spent creating, performing, recording, touring, laughing and exploring with some of the most influential people in his life.
Steve’s musical influences are Joe Grant, Led Zeppelin, Stan Rogers, Benjamin Britten and John Rutter. He has a wide range of avocational interests that include archaeology, astronomy, ancient history, space flight, aviation, politics, choral music, hockey and soccer.

Steve Ritchie

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