Shopping Trip Completed - Now Waiting At The Loading Dock

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This year has started off with a few new purchases for NPG Inc.

We have added to our Wireless Systems with more Shure UR4D Receivers and Shure UR1 Belt-packs.  The number one rental item that goes with these systems are the Countryman E6T Earsets, so we have added more of these also.  We can now do up to 18 systems at once.

In addition to these, we are also very pleased to announce that we are going to be taking delivery of our first DigiCo Console.  We have added to our Yamaha LS9 collection also - but wanted a console that can do more and fit into more events so we are pleased to announce we have also purchased our first SD-9 Console.  Along with the desk we have also ordered the complete digital snake system, and all required road-cases so when it hit our dock, it can be turned around in very short order and be ready for your next event also.

We have great plans for this spring and summer, and dropping the cash on new equipment has already been rewarded with additional rental opportunities.

Many thanks for the support of the past - let’s move forward united into the best days to come!!!!

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