Nero Productions Welcomes Darrin Holt

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nero Productions Group is pleased to share that Mr. Darrin Holt has accepted our proposal of Rentals Manager.  Mr. Holt will be working along side the Owner, Mr. David Neher to ensure the Inventory and Booking Software as created by Mr. Neher transitions into the expansion. Mr. Holt has great work ethics, professionalism, honesty, and great history in this industry and also brings a fresh approach to the daily tasks of his title with NPG Inc.  Mr. Holt has chosen to step into this position and we are excited about his potential to launch NPG Inc into the stratosphere.

Darrin has just finished an 8-year career doing sound and lighting on cruise ships. This opportunity allowed him to work with a high level of musicianship, performers, and technology while on a very tight budget, inflexible schedule and under extreme pressure at times.  These years have allowed Mr. Holt to create a track record of excellence, and this is what we sought out and he also brings into our Rentals Department.  Those who have traveled on Celebrity Cruise Lines, Radisson/ Reagent Cruise Lines, Silver Sea Cruises, and most recently Seabourn Cruise Lines likely have experienced Mr. Holt’s professionalism first hand. Darrin is very excited to bring his knowledge, enthusiasm, drive, ambition, passion, dedication and understanding of the industry to NPG Inc

Darrin’s history goes back 25 years when he started in entertainment. He has a diverse background from radio to theatre, from movies to television and has spent many years doing special events including concerts and festivals. Darrin’s knowledge and understanding of the entertainment industry gives him the experience needed to continue the forward progress of NPG Inc.  While other companies are looking at ways to scale down, or cut back, or pull things back from the customers, Nero Productions Group Inc are looking at adding value to your experience when dealing with us.  This is truly an exciting step forward for our customers, our staff, and an excellent opportunity for a customer not completely satisfied with your current supplier to consider contacting Mr. Darrin Holt – now at NPG Inc.

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