Nero Presents… The Revolutionary dB Opera 110 Mobile Sport

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nero Productions Group is proud to welcome the most user friendly, ergonomically correct, affordable mobile sound unit to our rental inventory!

The Opera 110 Mobile Sport is a self-powered active speaker, UHF receiver, and mixing console all wrapped in a simple, lightweight package. You just simply place the speaker, turn on the power button back of the speaker, turn on wireless microphone, adjust microphone volume and you are good to go. No wires, no cords, just excellent, instant sound. The speaker contains its own rechargeable battery so it can be used anywhere and with a microphone transmitting radius of 60 feet allows free mobility during presentations.

As for the affordable… Talk to our rentals staff at Nero Productions today!

The Basic package contains a dB Wireless Microphone, a dB Opera 110 Mobile Fully-Charged Speaker (good for up to 8 hours)

Quick, easy, sleek, professional sound technology designed for you.  Once again Nero Productions Group Inc, raising the standard of excellence.

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