Michelle Wright Honors Captain Nichola Goddard

Thursday, November 12, 2009

During a benefit concert for Light Up Papua New Guinea in Charlottetown on November 7, 2009, Michelle Wright honored Captain Nichola Goddard. Goddard was the first Canadian female soldier killed in combat since World War II. She honored her with a poem she wrote:

Captain Nichola Goddard

I didn’t know her, but now she’s often on my mind
She was a soldier, a captain on the front line
We were doing our show in a field in Afghanistan
While the war raged on, just over the mountain

You can’t explain it without boots on the ground
From the stage you watch the warriors go to battle and pray they come back around
We sang our hearts out for the thousands of soldiers that were there
But then they called a meeting in the tent, and I could feel it in the air

Tears in his eyes, the soldier said Nichola Goddard was killed in combat tonight
No one moves, there is only silence and dimly lit light
As Canadians we all gathered together, soldiers and their countrymen
The sadness and the reality, this is not a movie, it’s not pretend

She was a daughter, a sister and a wife
The first Canadian soldier to give her life
I will never forget her and the sacrifice she made
Because of her bravery I will never be the same

So I will sing my songs and bask in the glory
And always be thankful for my life and my story
But the true hero will never be too far from my heart
She’s a Canadian soldier, Captain Nichola Goddard

Michelle Wright


Please check out the following link for more information about what inspired Michelle Wright to write this poem.
Michelle Wright Honors first fallen female Canadian Soldier Since WWII

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