Martin Line Array Comes To Calgary

Thursday, September 13, 2007

We are very pleased to announce that we will be joining the Martin Line Array family. With this purchase we share Western Canada with BPG Inc of Burnaby, and SPL Sound and Northwest Productions of Kelowna.

We are pleased to represent the Prairie Region while supporting these companies at the same time.
With our purchase of Martin W8LM and their W8LMD for our expanding rental stock, we are still very proud Turbosound users and will continue to build up our inventory appropriately.

The Martin Audio W8LM is a mini line array enclosure designed to bring line array performance benefits to a variety of small and medium scale applications that we are presently working. This product will meet the need for a versatile, scalable system that can be flown or ground stacked for corporate events, theatres and indoor venues. It is also suitable as a main or delay system for larger scale outdoor sound reinforcement.

Following the constant directivity horn design philosophy of the W8L series, the W8LM is a three-way system that combines line array principles with innovative horn loading techniques to produce a next generation, small line array with maximum dynamic impact. Please see the specs as listed below.


Mini three-way line array element
Hybrid™ dual 8” (200mm)
LF+MF configuration (-3dB@60Hz)-LF+MF – 100dB @1W, 1m (single cabinet)
Twin 1” (25mm) HF horn:- 106dB @1W, 1m (single cabinet)
Consistent 100º (-6dB) horizontal mid and HF pattern control
Passive or biamp operation
12 ohm system impedance, up to 4 cabinets on one amplifier channel
Fast, integral rigging system with variable splay angles

The Martin Audio W8LMD is a mini, wide-dispersion vertically arrayable enclosure. It can be used individually and in small quantities for short to medium throw applications (up to 30 metres) as well as a downfill element for the W8LM.It is for this specific application we have acquired these enclosures. Its 20° vertical dispersion requires fewer cabinets to cover the same area as a conventional line array element, yet it still benefits from the smooth, predictable coverage of a vertically coupled system. Please see below for the specs.


Stand alone vertically arrayable enclosure
Line array downfill element
Consistent 120º (-6dB) horizontal mid and HF pattern control
20º (-6dB) vertical dispersion
Tripod mountable singularly or in pairs
Amplitude shading switch
Passive or Bi-Amp format

We are pleased to quote on any project for you from any style of Corporate Events, Theatrical or , Live Sound Reinforcement. We continue to raise the standard of excellence.

Please stay tuned, more to come!!

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