Harvesting Your Classics

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

As the harvest is getting closer and the wheat and barley are drying down and the peas likely ready for the bins. I do wish all those in the agricultural communities safety and a great ending to what was an amazing summer. 

As they prepare to bring their products to market and get their pay cheques for another season’s hard work.  I have chosen to walk away from that part of my upbringing to focus on where I am now.  Therefore NPG gears up to bring our new products to the production and rental markets starting with the most simple, but - truly a great piece of machinery that like a John Deere, brings back a lot of great memories for myself, and likely can do the same for you. At this point, I am pleased to share one specific piece of equipment recently purchased and now ready for our rentals department.  There are many new items at NPG Inc, however I will start with this one first. 


As the owner of this company there are times I get to purchase items for a more personal reason, and once my project is completed – the put these items into the rental pool of NPG Inc.  This summer I was looking at ITunes and my record and cassette libraries when I noted there are a lot of amazing collections in my closet that needed to be transferred to CD or to my Mac Book so I can have them with me on my travels.  Therefore we have purchased the Tascam CC-222SL-MkII CD Recorder/Cassette Deck that allows a cassette to be transferred to a CD for immediate play back, or can then be added into your computer’s music library.  I have kept this machine busy over the past few weeks and have to say it has been flawless. Some of the cassettes transferred across with no issues, however the CD is only as good as the source so if the cassettes are stretched or garbled from being eaten in other machines – the CD will only be as good as the source.  There are options available on the menu of this recorder that allows each track to fade and out, and to be numbered with CD breaks, or to hit auto-repeat and leave the machine to record the CD on it’s own – and you can listen to the finished finalized disc in any player or computer at your own leisure.  The memories these tracks have brought back are worth the time it has taken to resource which is the best unit on the market for transferring my old cassettes to compact disc digital playback options.  This was a great purchase and can be rented from us for a day, a weekend or a month.  Please contact us for availability and with the sounds of summers past now blasting on my patio – you will be able to do the same very soon.  Please lock in your rental for this great product and advise on the time frames you wish to pick up the unit, and expected return.”}  We will be happy to supply you cost based on this information once received.  We can also help you with the CDR or CDRW as I used and then just imported the data directly to my computer.  Either way – this has been a great experience that we are willing to share with you at this time.  Please note our new address

Along with our new business hours for rentals are changing as of September 12th to 10am through 6:00pm due to the requests of many clients.  And in this manner we can also spend less time parking on the roadways of Calgary, and more wisely – serving our valuable customers.  We are pleased to also offer after hours and weekend appointments upon request. 

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