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Monday, August 13, 2012

There are many ways that NPG Inc tries to reduce our waist and lower our eco-footprint.  There is a lot more to being eco-friendly than just our coffee cups in this office.

This festival season NPG Inc invested in the Duracell Rechargeable AA Batteries and they not only outlasted the Procell Batteries we have been using up to this point - they also reduced our footprint as we are not throwing out between 24 to 120 batteries a week after using our:

Telex Wireless Clearcom
Shure UR4D Wireless Receivers
Shure UR2/Beta 87a and UR2/Beta58a Microphones
and other items that required AA Batteries. 

This was one step forward that I felt was necessary and sadly, overdue.  The outlay of cash was quickly recuperated by the fact we did not need to be buying batteries - and - throwing them out after use for the shows.  I suggest you consider this option too.  It is not just the batteries that are making us the eco-friendly choice for your production rentals, we have also invested heavily in to new wireless technology that meets the Industry Canada regulations and is also extremely low power consumption which when coupled with the higher milliamp/hour output of these new rechargeable batteries - make a win-win situation for all.

The batteries we have now - last longer - with no negative footprint so we truly are a greener-festival-happy-company.

We are happy to include these powerful batteries with your daily and weekly rentals for a lower cost than what we have been using in the past.

We are also able to help you reduce your footprint - and sell you your own batteries and chargers to you too - may move your projects forward, without leaving a path of negative ecological issues.

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