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Thursday, September 16, 2010
As the leaves change color and snow begins to accumulate on the mountaintops – the turning of the season is clearly upon us.  With any change of season, it allows a fresh start, and for many - focusing on closing off the unsatisfactory, and looking for new and exciting adventures ahead.  For others as it relates to our business, the need to get fall and winter events organized.  We are very pleased to let you know that we are also capable of locking things down so there are no moments of panic, disappointments, or missed opportunities, and that this fall may continue to build on the excitement and successes of summer.   With this time of season, we are pleased to let you know that NPG Inc will be there for you and will put in the resources, the personnel, and the equipment required to ensure your event is a success.  I trust you can share with us that you’ve also had an exciting and rewarding summer.  I know despite being busy, we chose to take time to enjoy the sunshine and the events out in the rodeo grounds, the street festivals, and the corporate galas in the air conditioned ballrooms.  As fall starts to settle in, the schools zones are back in effect with kids in the playgrounds – we also kick off our fall programs.  If you are an Event Planner and not pleased with your current supplier, let’s have a chat and see if the strengths of NPG Inc - Calgary, can be your missing link for your chain towards satisfaction. If you are looking for a professional disc jockey service, we are pleased to refer you to a great organization, but that is not a strength we have in house. If you are a Tour Manager looking for teams and staff with experience and a great attitude to the long and hard days required for your events, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) will personally look after your every request for all production services required. For the Schools and Community Centers that have been seeking for a way to bring higher quality to your audience, your search is over.  What we are able to offer is exactly that!!!  Due to our professional audio and lighting equipment, and our commitment to ensure your event is flawless from set up to completion – our teams are prepared to take your requirements and put the finishing touches on all aspects.  With this service, we can ensure you’re comfortable and able to operate this equipment for a complete successful event.  Thus making the days of ole when you stood in a line up at a large music store, hoping you got what you needed and hoping it was easy to make sound come out and the right sounds, and enough of it.  We are pleased to advise you the search is over!!!  With our onsite training to ensure your comfort level, our set up teams are time conscious and if for any reason are running a few minutes behind or ahead of schedule will contact you so you are aware of this in advance.  They will also do their best to ensure all your requests and requirements are accomplished prior to their departure from your site.  In this manner, you have our hard work to ensure your meeting, or production runs as smoothly as possible.  Then your only concern needs to be – where did you set your coffee cup down? For any touring or event related requests – please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  and expect a response back with great strategic solutions. For any rental requests – please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  for service that you deserve, that you may have been expecting in the past and now will finally receive.  We not only allow long-term bookings, repeat bookings – but we also guarantee what you have booked, is what will be delivered – we don’t double book our inventory and therefore are not putting your event or meeting at risk. We appreciate your time and respect the fact that everybody’s life is extremely busy and time is very precious.  We will not come to the table empty handed. We will present a timely and fiscally responsible solution that will be a great step ahead for your team, and will allow you to experience the success of your dreams and the respect of your co-workers, your friends and your family. This is a great time to welcome back our regular clients and extend an invitation to those looking for a positive change or new solutions for your current events, up coming conferences or galas. We look forward to seeing your email or receiving your phone call at our Calgary office at (403) 255-7639 or your fax at (403) 255-7630 so Nero Productions Group may present the solution, and earn your business this fall. Success does not settle, it builds on excellence. It just doesn’t happen – it is planned!!  Let make the fall of 2010, exceptional – and successful for you and your event, and for those of us behind the scenes. 


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