Calgary Zoo Lighting Up The Evening Again

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Zoolites will be shining brighter this season as we have been confirmed to assist with their project.  We are very pleased to be supplying a number of lighting fixtures allowing their creative designs for this winter spectacular.  This will be running from November 29th through January 04th.  Zoolites is a terrific family outing and is likely the start for many of this festival season gearing to Christmas Day and New Years Eve. Tickets are now on sale and any support you are willing to offer the Calgary Zoo would certainly be appreciated from both our end, and certainly, the Zoo receiving your year-end donations. One area that we take very seriously is the safety on job sites, and an area we don’t regret.  This can be something as simple as using the right connectors or cables for the tasks, or ensuring that any piece of equipment that is not 100% is not allowed to be used.  Another area is that is so very important, but potentially not done by all rental houses is that all lighting products used at any time be CSA certified.  With the low cost of offshore replicas, they may look like our current stock, but most likely they are not certified to be used in Canada.  All Fixtures here are CSA certified and therefore at no point will those working with these fixtures come in contact with any electrical shock or danger of electrocution.  This may have been another reason why NPG Inc was able to assist the Zoo with this event.  At no point will our equipment be putting anybody at risk due to these policies in place here.  Another huge step forward is that all our power distribution centers for out-doors are equipped with Ground Fault Interrupt Circuits.  This was also another very large investment earlier this year, however there is no replacement value on a life or a family lives changed due to somebody’s short cut or lack of attention on the event. I personally am very honored to be involved with Zoolites again as this was a project I was involved with a number of years ago.  This is a great event and will be a great time for you and your friends and families to come down to the Zoo when it reopens November 29th and again – becomes one of Calgary’s Best Attractions!!! I also wish to personally say many thanks to the Calgary Zoo for your support of NPG Inc, as we are a Calgary based company.


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