ETC Express 48/96

A very popular lighting control console.  A console that can do virtually everything—professional lighting control and power. Its versatile combination of fader-familiar two-scene presets with sophisticated pushbutton programmability means it’s accessible to anyone, especially those being initiated into the world of board operation. This console can operate in two scene mode for 48 channels, single scene mode for a total of 96 faders, with a total channel count of 192.  There are also 10 pages of 24 submasters for great flexibility adn programing most theatrical preformances.

The complete specs break out as follows:
Preset-style operation
600 cues
500 groups
X/Y trackpad controller
Moving Light Patch
LTP Channels
Preset Focus
16-bit fades
Ten Pages of 24 submasters
Two timed/manual fader pairs
Supports a single VGA monitor
Supports Dimmer Doubling™
Supports ETCNet, ETCLink, and MIDI
1,024 dimmers

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