Engage 2007 Youth Conference

Tuesday, January 02, 2007 — Banff, Alberta

Today’s youth are under more forms of pressure and stress than many of us had to deal with.  With the epidemic of “cutting” and substance abuse, low self-esteem, and the failure of the family unit, many of today’s young adults are looking for a solution to their answers and without guidance, may make some very poor choices.  Nero Productions are pleased to be working with the “Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada”:http://www.billygraham.org/ as they present today’s youth with truth and direction to help equip them with life skills.  This conference is not only for the youth, it is also for their leaders, and for those who want to reach out to those who need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and start 2007 in a new light.

“Engage 2007”:http://www.engagenow.ca/ will be in Banff and will feature a night with “Starfield”:http://www.starfieldonline.com in the Banff Springs Hotel.

Nero Productions Group Inc wishes all those in attendance of this conference, a great time, and an opportunity to make a difference.

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