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Saturday, July 24, 2010 — Carbon, Alberta

As the owner of this Organization, I will use a little flexibility and allow a personal notice to be posted.  This weekend my parents will be celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary.  That in itself is rare enough, however as they commemorate this event over top of the Calgary Folk Festival Weekend and Michelle Wright’s Headlining performance over in Batoche Saskatchewan as she and her band close out the Batoche Metis Festival  it was a hard weekend to keep clear, but after my parents have set aside many challenges and overcome them all to be together to celebrate this milestone, and to put up with me and some of my stunts and mistakes – it was the only choice to make.

If you are familiar with my parents, or just want to come out and give them a “good job on the kid” – come on out Saturday June 24th from 2 through 5PM at the Carbon Community Centre – located in downtown Carbon, which is about 3 blocks from the city limits from the north, the east, the west, or the south – yeah – it’s pretty easy to find. 

Happy Anniversary Lawrence and Esther Neher from the staff and friends of NPG Inc, the crew and the office team who have met you through their time here. 

This seems obvious, but might be overlooked if not mentioned, and again – Happy Anniversary from your Daughters Elaine and Naida, and your lone son – me - David - All the best – see you this weekend!!!

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