Yamaha P250 Digital Piano

The P250 sets a new standard for sound quality and raises the bar on what to expect in a professional digital piano.

The P250 features three levels of Yamaha CFIII Grand piano stereo samples for dynamic selection according to your touch on the keyboard. The result is a delicacy of tone and expression that emulates the experience of playing a real piano. And to give the P250 an even more richly detailed sound, note off samples, string resonance samples and sound board samples simulate the acoustic interaction between different notes.

The sound is unmatched, and so is the touch, thanks to the GH (Graded Hammer Effect) keyboard. The GH keyboard uses weights and mechanical linkages to achieve an entirely new level of realism. And to go even further, the key weight is graded from heavier in the lower registers to lighter in the higher, exactly the same as a grand piano’s.

To deliver the sampled instrument voices and 128 notes of polyphony with all the power and authority they deserve, the P250 features a new speaker system and high power stereo amplifier. The P250 features 16cm polypropylene woofers and a 30 watts per side stereo amplifier . The result is astonishingly lifelike power.

The P250 redefines the features for a Professional Stage Piano including:

Graded Hammer 88 Note weighted action keyboard for realistic piano feel
128 Notes of polyphony
Acoustic Piano Voices with Three Velocity DSS (Dynamic Stereo Sampling), Note Off samples, String Resonance samples for realism and expressiveness
38 Panel Voices plus an extra 480 XG voices for a complete palette of sounds
5-band EQ with Variable Q
Dual - Split
24 Character - 2 line backlite LCD for easy viewing
Pitchbend wheel, modulation wheel, song/keyboard volume slider/ master volume on rotary controller
16 Track Song Recorder with 223 Songs and 770 KB of Internal Flash Memory
Digital reverb and digital effects, Dual mode and split mode, MIDI/TO HOST PC interface
Built-in Speaker system with 13cm polypropylene woofers and 30 watts stereo amplifier
L/Mono, R Outputs, L/Mono, R Aux. Inputs, Headphones, MIDI In/Out/ Thru, To Host, USB, Assignable Foot Pedal x 4,
Built like a tank heavy, but will last forever - 70 Pounds
55 inches wide, 7 inches high, 18 inches deep

this information courtesy of yahama.com

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