Taye Drum Kits

The Taye StudioMaple series is the pinnacle of the drum maker’s art. The StudioMaple drum will track your every move and mirror your touch. Crafted from specially selected North American Sugar Maple, the StudioMaple is a drum that will erupt in an optimum blend of highs, lows, and mids.
Our shells are thin and resonant. Made from fine Maple veneers, cross laminated and molded using state of the art techniques, as well as rigid and durable. Everything from the bearing edge to the suspension mounts conspires to make StudioMaple drums one of the world’s finest instruments—a drum that is instantly recognizable for its rich sound and evocative lacquer finishes.
Taye StudioMaple is the ultimate in professional drums. They are drums that make you want to play them. Snare drums sizzle, toms open up with defined pitches and bass drums provide the last word in attack, body, and shuddering sub-lows. These are not ordinary maple drums, these are Taye StudioMaple, drums that present a whole new palette of sound colors.
StudioMaple Features
100% specially selected North American Sugar Maple
Thin, rigid shells promote low fundamental tones, with superb attack and blossoming of mid frequencies.
Lacquer finishes smooth as glass and are available in attractive colors, each chosen to complement the finest in musical instruments.
Shells 8” through 13” are 6 ply, 4.5 mm thick.
Shells 14” through 24” are 7-ply, 5.3 mm thick.
Snares are 10-ply, 7.5 mm thick.
Hardware includes SuspensionRings for toms, SlideTrack tom mounts for bass drums, PocketHinge Bracket, Articulated Claw Hook, and 2.3 mm tom hoops.
Complete specs on NPG Stock coming soon!!!

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