Roland MKS-50

The MKS-50 is a rack-mount version of the Alpha Juno, with some upgrades for MIDI implementation, and sound quality. It has the same synth engine and architecture, with some added features like 16 programmable chord memories, the ability to store velocity, volume, panning, de-tune, portamento and other similar parameters within each patch you create.

Its sound is not quite as warm as the previous Juno’s but it’s still a nice addition to any techno synth rig. Other features include better MIDI implementation than previous Roland synths, a nice LCD display, an LFO capable of a very slow rate for some cool sweeping effects, and a great bass sound (especially nice for acid bass lines) and noise effects! These rack mounted modules were very popular with The Future Sound of London and the Pet Shop Boys and are still used widely in the rave and techno scene.
The specs for this unit are:
Polyphony - 6 voices
Oscillators - 3 DCOs: Pulse, Sawtooth, Sub, noise waveforms
Effects - portamento, 16 chord memories, transpose, chorus
Memory - 64 User, 64 preset, backup to cassette
VCA & VCF - ADSR Envelopes, 24db analog lowpass filter
Arpeg/Seq - NO
Keyboard - none
Control - MIDI (w/ velocity and aftertouch mappable to VCF or ENV)
Date Produced - 1987

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