Peavey Nitrobass

The Nitrobass includes an easy-to-use, three band EQ with shiftable mid-range control and a contour control (for that smiley face EQ curve).  These tone controls are so versatile that should be able to quickly dial up your sound with no additional equipment or processing required.

Also provided are a buffered tuner send jack, an electronically balanced XLR line out with it’s own level control, pre/post EQ switch, and a ground lift switch.  The XLR output is pre-master volume control so you can adjust the stage volume without affecting the XLR send.

A -10 dB pad switch, footswitchable post-EQ effects loop, preamp output/power amp input patch points, and the DDT (Speaker Protection) enable/defeat switch add to the list of professional features found on the Nitrobass head.

Compact Design
450 watts into 2 Ohms, 300 watts into 4 Ohms, and 170 watts into 8 ohms
3 Band Active EQ with shiftable Mid-range control
Contour control
-10 dB Pad switch
Buffered Tuner Output
Footswitchable Post-EQ Effects loop
Electronically Balanced XLR with output level, ground lift, Pre/post EQ switchable
DDT Speaker protection
Preamp out/power amp input jacks

this information courtesy Music 123

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