Marshall JCM800 2203 Amplifier

The all-valve JCM800 2203 is one of the most highly respected 100 Watt Marshall heads in Marshall’s long history. Evolving from the legendary 100 Watt ‘Plexi’ head, it was one of the company’s first amplifier to feature a Master Volume control.

The very essence of simplicity, the JCM800 2203 is a one channel, all-valve amp with no reverb or built-in effects. It’s foolproof interface, distinctive roar and larger-than-life ‘edge’ immediately set the standard by which all other rock amps were judged and it remained the ‘industry benchmark’ throughout the entire 16 years of its production life. Marshall added a Series Effects Loop featuring a true bypass switch that takes the loop completely out of the circuit, thus ensuring the original tone is not compromised.

The Specs for this unit are:
Output (RMS) (100 Watt)
3 Band EQ
Pre-Amp Valves (3 x ECC83)
Series FX Loop
Dimensions (mm) are 750 x 310 x 210
Weight (kg) is 20.5

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