Fender Twin Amp

The Fender Twin Amp is a 100 watt an all tube amp and is a part of the Fender Professional Tube Series. The Twin Amp uses four 6L6 power amp tubes and two 12AX7A effect tubes, five 12AX7WA for the EQ and preamp stages, and a 12AT7 tube. The 100 watts are delivered into two 12” speakers that have been specially designed by Eminence for the Fender Twin Amp.
As with Professional Tube Series amps the Twin Amp features a tube tremolo and an all-tube reverb section. This is a great sounding amp. It’s better than the older vintage amps because it has better designed channel switching and higher gains in the distortion channel. The distortion channel is achieved by running the preamp output of one tube into the preamp input stage of the next. This ends up producing a much hotter than the old Blackfaced Fender amps.
The twin amp has two input channels: Normal and Drive. You can select between the channels using the included footswitch. There is also a great feature that I really like called the “Quarter Power Switch”. What this does is turn off all except one of the output 6L6’s so you can get the warm/bluesy to hot lead sound without blowing out your ears. You can insert your effects using the Effects Loop. The amp has both an Effects Loop send and return knobs so you can control the levels easily.


Fender Professional Tube Series Amp
All Tube Circuitry (except the solid state rectifier used in the power supply)
100 watts
Two 12” Eminence 50 watt Speakers
Dual Selectable Channels (Normal and Drive)
Spring Reverb
Effects Loop
Guitar PreAmp Out
4-Button Footswitch for channel select and reverb tremolo
Tilt-Back Legs
1/4 Power Switch

The Fender Twin Amp has the following controls:

Channel Select Switch, Reverb, Tremolo Speed, Tremolo Intensity, Presence
Normal Channel: Volume, Bright Switch, Treble, Bass, Middle
Drive Channel: Gain, Treble, Bass, Middle, Volume

this information courtesy of Kelly Industries.

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