WA302 Instrument Cable

Shure wireless solution to input an instrument with a standard 1/4” connector into a Shure U1 body-pack transmitter.  In this manner any electric or acoustic guitar or other instrument can be made into a mobile music machine.  This adapter cable is 2.5 foot (.75 m) in total length with a straight 1/4-inch plug and 4-pin mini connector.

Please note for any wireless instrument system to function, you require a 3 items, one transmitter, a receiver set to the frequency the transmitter is transmitting, and and this input cable.

Of coarse when this system is rented from us, we will ensure it is ready for your use with two simple connections, one into a wall plug for power, and the other connection into your sound system with a simple microphone cable.  If you require a sound system – we are pleased to assist you with selecting only the required items for your sized venue also.

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