Shure WL 93T Capsule

Model WL93T Microphones are economical omnidirectional, subminiature, lavalier, condenser microphones designed for general speech applications where a visually unobtrusive tan/flesh colored microphone is desirable. All WL93T models are supplied with a mounting block with attached tie bar, a sew-on mounting bracket, and an acoustic windscreen to minimize wind noise if in outdoor applications. Please note typical applications for these microphones is tapping them to the facial area, or pinning into the hair-line of the actor. All WL93T models include a cable terminated with a 4-pin mini connector which connects directly to our Shure U1 wireless body-pack transmitter.  Based on their size, color and frequency response, these are ideal for theater, television, broadcasting, video, film, and sound reinforcement. These are the same capsules as the WL93, but tan opposed to black.

Please note for any wireless lavalier system to function, you require a 3 items, one transmitter, a receiver set to the frequency the transmitter is transmitting, and an input transducer such as this capsule.


Condenser (electret bias)

Frequency Response:

  50Hz to 2KHz

Polar Pattern:

  Omnidirectional, uniform with frequency

Sensitivity (at 1,000 Hz):

  Open Circuit Voltage: -38 dBV/Pa (13 mV) based on *1 Pascal=94 dB SPL*



Low Frequency Response Switch Positions:

  Not Applicable

Attenuator Switch Positions:

  Not Applicable


  16 g (0.57 oz)

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