Shure WA405

The WA405 combines an amplified antenna distribution system and dc power distribution system into one compact unit. It uses two antennas, splitting the wireless transmitter signals to feed as many as four diversity wireless microphone receivers.

Signal amplification compensates for insertion loss. Four 12Vdc outputs on the WA405 provide a combined current to 2 amps to power up to four Shure diversity wireless microphone receivers. This eliminates the need for external power supplies. The built-in high efficiency switching power supply accepts main voltages from 100V to 120 Vac or 230 Vac with the appropriate ac power cord.

The WA405 is supplied with a detachable, 3-conductor power cord with a 3-pin grounded ac connector, also supplied with a power cord with a Schuko connector at the main end. When the WA405 is installed with multiple microphones, each microphone must transmit on a different frequency. The frequencies must be selected in accordance with system characteristics.

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