Shure SM89 Shotgun Microphone

The SM89 is a highly directional condenser shotgun microphone with distant pickup characteristics suitable for on-location film and television production, theater sound reinforcement, spot news coverage, or wildlife recording. This microphone discriminates at a distance in favor of desired dialogue or effects and against ambient noise, even in noisy surroundings.  The on-axis frequency response is very smooth and extended. For clarity and speech intelligibility, a slight presence rise optimizes the high-frequency response to compensate for high-frequency losses. A low-frequency roll-off minimizes pickup of wind, mechanical vibration, ambient noise, and rumble without affecting voice frequencies.


Pressure gradient/line combination / Condenser

Frequency Response:

  60Hz through 20KHz

Polar Pattern:

  Hypercardioid at low frequencies, lobar at frequencies above 1 kHz, symmetrical about axis

Sensitivity (at 1,000 Hz):

  Open Circuit Voltage: -33 dBV/Pa* (22.2 mV) based on *1 Pascal=94 dB SPL*


  Rated at 150 ohms (100 ohms actual)  - Recommended minimum load: 800 ohms (May be used with loads low as 150 ohms with reduced clipping level)

Low Frequency Response Switch Positions:

  60 Hz(—) or 160 Hz (/—)

Attenuator Switch Positions:

  Not Applicable


  195 grams (6.9 oz)

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