Martin WMX

The Martin Audio WMX is a compact, high performance flown or ground stacked subwoofer featuring our trademark Hybrid™ loading. Primarily intended for use with the W8LM/W8LMD, it shares the same cabinet width and is directly compatible with the W8LM and its flying hardware.

A single long-excursion 18” (460mm)/ 4” (100mm) coil driver is front loaded by a hyperbolic horn with an ultra-low flare rate. The rear of the driver is reflex loaded to extend the LF output to below the natural cut-off point of the horn. This Hybrid™ technique marries the very high efficiency of horn loading with the extended low frequency response of a reflex enclosure.

* Frequency response 35Hz-150Hz ± 3dB (-10dB @ 28Hz)
* 104dB 1W/1m
* Fast integral rigging system
* Compatable with W8LM and W8LMD line array elements
* Can be ground stacked or flown
* Socket for pole mounted W8LMD


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