Countryman Isomax E6T

These are by far the best solution to any wireless lavalier replacement option we have ever come across.  The Countryman Isomax E6T delivers value, comfort, and the best sound quality.  These are practically invisible to live or broadcast audiences, the E6T is incredibly comfortable for the wearer. It captures the closest source clearly with excellent rejection of wind, ambient noise, and feedback. These are referred to earsets opposed to headsets as they clip over one ear, opposed to going around the back of the head.  The secret to these microphones is the tiniest mic capsule on an even tinier boom that is rugged and incredibly lightweight. A thin silicon pad at the earpiece helps keep the boom comfortably in place, even with glasses or other head-worn accessories. This product is a tan/beige color and is designed to match skin tones, and each mic can easily be custom-fitted to any wearer. Once adjusted to fit your head, the tough springy boom keeps its shape when stored. Our E6T earsets come complete with a windscreen, set of three protective caps, set of two collar clips (black and white), and carrying case.
It’s no surprise that Countryman’s E6T Omni Earset a top choice for presenters, educators, worship leaders and pastors, broadcasters, and many, many more, try it once and you too will be convinced.
Please note for this wireless earset system to function, you require a 3 items, one transmitter, a receiver set to the frequency the transmitter is transmitting, and an input transducer such as this earset.

Of coarse when this system is rented from us, we will ensure it is ready for your use with two simple connections, one into a wall plug for power, and the other connection into your sound system with a simple microphone cable.  If you require a sound system – we are pleased to assist you with selecting only the required items for your sized venue also.


Condenser (electret bias)

Frequency Response:

  30Hz to 20KHz

Polar Pattern:


Sensitivity :

  Ranges from 0.6 through 6.0 mV/Pascal - depending on what protective cap is installed


  Not Available

Low Frequency Response Switch Positions:

  Not Applicable

Attenuator Switch Positions:

  Not Applicable


  2 g (0.7 oz)

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