Audix ADX118 Gooseneck Microphone

The ADX118 is a miniature pre-polarized condenser microphone designed for professional speech and vocal applications in live sound and broadcast. The microphone is identical to the ADX112 microphone. The ADX118 has an 18” shaft with flex goosenecks at the base and top. The ADX118 is supplied with a cardioid element.

The ADX118 has a uniform response over a frequency range of 40 - 18Hz which allows the microphone to preform above and beyond of typical microphones its size. The microphone can be used as a vocal microphone and provide excellent results. The ADX118 is machined from aluminum and brass and has a non-reflective black e-coat finish. It operates on phantom power (9-52 volts) with the pre-amp module built right into the base of the microphone. Low noise electronic circuity, low impedance, and balanced output low interference-free performance.

The ADX118 is most commonly used for pulpits, podiums, board meetings, and teleconferencing. When using multiple ADX118’s for live sound, there should be a distance of 4’ to 6’ between.

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